Scheduled Upcoming Events:

Since my schedule is evolving every week - this page will be undated regularly .
January 21, 2020: Sharing the gospel on the campus of University of
Southern California (Los Angeles)
February 25, 2020: Sharing the gospel on Linfield Ave., McMinnville, OR.
Sharing the gospel at Reed College, Portland, OR.
March 1, 2020: Sharing the gospel at the farm sale in Leucadia,CA 
March 12, 2020: Sharing the gospel at Univeristy of the Pacific (CA)
July - October, 2020: Sharing the gospel at Ocean Beach, CA, Mission Beach 
(boardwalk area), South Pacific Beach (boardwalk area), North Pacific Beach
(boardwalk area), La Jolla Shores, Del Mar (beach area), Moonlight Beach
(Encinitas, CA), Carlsbad state beach and Oceanside Pier area (Oceanside,
Feb. 11, 2021 Sharing the gospel on the campus of Lewis & Clark College in
Portland, Oregon
Feb, 12, 2021 Sharing the gospel on Linfield Ave. to students from Linfield
Univerdsity in McMinnville, Oregon
Feb. 15, 2021 Sharing the gospel on Linfield Ave. to students from Linfield
University in McMinnville, Oregon 
Feb. 21, 2021 Sharing the gospel at the La Jolla Shores beach boardwalk 
La Jolla, CA.
May 7, 2021  Sharing the gospel to students on the public side-walk close to 
San Marcos High School.
May 9, 2021  Sharing the gospel with Christian posters on the corner of
Torrey Pines Road and Proepect Street
May, 2021  Sharing the gospel on the public sidewalks (when school got
out) during the last 2 weeks of this month - at La Jolla High School, Mission
Bay High School and San Marcos High School
June 26,27,28 & 29, 2021: Sharing the gospel at La Jolla Shores beach, Del
Mar beach, Windn Sea beach, Tourmaline Surf Park and Belmont Park in San
Diego, CA. 
August 2021 thru Sept.4: Sharing the gospel at a variety of locations around Southern CA.
including Oceanside CA,, Carlsbad, CA,,Solan Beach, CA, Del Mar, CA, Ocean
Beach, CA., Pacific Beach, CA and high schools in La Jolla, CA., San Maarcos, CA,,
San Dieguito HS and Mission Beach HS

October 7, 2021 thru Oct. 8: Sharing the gospel at University of Portland & on Linfield Avenue
(McMinnville, Oregon)

October 11, 2021: Sharing the gospel at Willamette University (Salem, OR.), Oregon State
University and Portland State University

November 2021: Sharing the gospel at University of San Diego and San Diego State

April, 2022: Sharing the gospel at Cal State San Marcos, University of California, San Diego
and San Diego State University
May, 2022: Sharing the gospel at Cal State San Marcos, UCLA (Los Angeles campus), University 
of Santa Barbara, and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

July 2022: Sharing the gospel at various beach fronts and tourist areas around
Southern California. Sites include Encinitas beach front, Sunset Cliffs, WindanSea
beach area, Carlsbad beach and Swami's beach front parking area.
August 2022: Sharing the gospel at Oceanside Pier (inlcuding the north and south
beach areas from the Oceanside, CA pier. Sharing the gospel at Del Mar beach,
Mission Beach (next to Belmont Park), Solana Beach beach area and park.
August 10, 2022: Sharing he gospel at Huntington Beach, CA (beach area)
August 14, 2022: Sharing the gospel at Santa Monica Pier & beach area
September 16, 2022: Sharing the gospel at Lewis & Clark College & (in the 
later afternoon) on Linfield Avenue to the students fro Linfield University

September 19, 2022: Sharing the gospel at Williamette University & later on 
Linfield Avenue (to the students of Linfield University).

November 2022: Sharing the gospel at Cal State University - San Marcos
Decembre 15, 2022: Sharing the gospel on public sidewalk outside San'
Marcos High School (as school gets out)
December 24, 2022: Sharing the gospel with signage at the corner of
Torrey Pines Rd. and Prospect street (in La Jolla, CA,)

January 26, 2023: Sharing the gospel at the food court at University of'
Caifornia, Riverside to their college's students

March 12-13, 2023: Sharing the gospel on Linfield Avenue, Linfield University,
Willamette University and Oregon State University (Corvalis, Oregon)
April 3, 2023- Appearance on a local (Arizona) television station. You can
find the interview by going to and doing a search on this
website (with the title of my new book)
April 5, 2023- Appearance on the Son Broadcasting Network (program:
'God Anaswers Prayers). I have asked the producers of the TV show to
send me the interview to display. Once I get it I will post it on this website.
April 5, 2023- Sharing the gospel at University of New Mexico in 
Albuqueque, New Mexico
May, 2023- Sharing the gospel of Christ at San Diego State Univsrity, University
of California (San Diego) and Mira Costa College at both of their campus' in
Encinitas and Oceanside, California
June, 2023: Sharing the gospel of Christ at the San Diego / Del Mar County Fair
(as people are exciting the fair site) for several weekend late-afternoons
July 1, 2023: Sharing the gospel at the beach and boardwalk in Santa
Cruz, California
July 2, 2023: Sharing the gosple at the San Diego / Del Mar County Fair
July 3, 2023: Sharing the gospel at the San Diego / Del Mar County Fair
July 16, 2023: Sharing the gospel (door to door) at Johannesberg, CA
July 21, 2023: Sharing the gospel at Coronado, CA. (beach area)
July 22, 2023: Sharing the gospel at Comi-Con - San Diego, CA. 
August 2023: Sharing the gospel at various beaches throughout San Diego County
(including Coronado Beach, Imperial Beach, Ocean Beach, La Jolla Shores Beach,
Solana Beach, Encinitas: Moonlight Beach, and Ocean Beach.
August 20, 2023 Speaking engagement at One Church in Carlsbad, CA
August 27, 2023 Speaking engagement at Henderson Presbyterian Church, Henderson, KY.
August 28, 2023: Interview with Tim Wildmon on American Family Radio (10:30am) central time 
August 26 - September 1, 2023: Sharing the gospel at University of MS. (Oxford, MS),
MS state University (Starkville, MS), Auburn University (Auburn, AL), Alabama State
University (Montgomery, AL), University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL) and University of Tenn.
October 12: Sharing the gospel at Oregon State Univeristy (Corvallis, OR) and Willamette
College (Salem, OR)
October 13: Sharing the gospel on Linfield Ave. (Linfield College) and Unoversity of
Oregon (Eugene, OR)
November 15 - 16 Sharing the gospel at University of Kansas, Kansas State
University and University of Nebraska 
January 29 - February 1, 2024: Sharing the gospel at the University of Florida,
University of Georgia, Georgia State University & Florida State University
February, 2024: CTN (cable televsion network) will be broadcasting an interview
I did with them on Monday Morning January 29,2024 (More information to follow).
April 2 - April 6, 2024: Sharing the gospel at University of N. Dakota, N. Dakota
State, University of So. Dakota, So. Dakota State & Sioux Falls University.
May 1 - May 8, 2024: Sharing the gospel at University of N. Hampshire, Plymouth
State University, University of Vermont, Vermont State Univrsity, University of 
Maine, Brown University (R.I.) & University of Penn.
June 12 - July 7,2024: San Diego / Del Mar Fiar -Plan on sharing the gospel
on 4 separate days (most likely on weekends) due to the size of the exiting
attendees of the Fair during these days. I also plan of doing this in towards 
the end of the day (during these 4 days). More detail to follow.