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Time Warner cable TV - every Sunday @ 8:30pm, chan.19 
-                  Interview with best selling author: Hal Lindsey  09/18/2016
-                  Billy Graham at Qualcomm Stadium (Part 1)
                   Dec. 17, 2016

-                  Billy Graham at Qualcomm Stadium (Part 2)
                   Dec. 24, 2016
-                    Discussing Steve McQueen's amazing convers-
                   tion to Christ on a East Coast TV ntwk. 01/01/17

-                  AFR news interview with author James
                   Lambert 01/08/17

-                  Interview with Chargers T. Fletcher & Raylee
                   Johnson at SD training camp 01/22/2017

-                  Pastor Gary Cass interview  01/15/2017

-                  Interview with best selling author Hal Lindsey

Cox Cable TV (Chan.18 or 23) and ATT U-Verse (chan. 99) every Friday night @ 8:30pm @ 8:30pm  
-           "World of Sex clubs expose"      12-23-2017
-           "Former SD Charger - Darrell Carrington"  1-30-2017
-           "America's Christian Heritage"  01-06-2017
-           "Pat Boone interview" (pt. 1)    01-13-2017
-           "Pat Boone interview (pt. 2)   01-20-2017
-           "CTN television interview w/ author   01-27-2017
-           "16 Amazing Stories TV interview"   02-03-2017
-           "SFC girls VB champ. team interview  02-10-2017

-           "author D. Horowitz interview"     02-17-2017
-           "Billy Graham at Qualcomm stadium"  02-24-2017

New Appearance Information  [Updated Oct. 19, 2015]:  




In November of 2015 James put together along with Act One productions two (1/2 hour) shows of Jame's 40 minute interview on the Son Broadcasting Network (based in New Mexico) as well as the introduction & out-take on both porgrams. Be on the lookout for these 2 new shows. 

We also hope to later locate the 8 minute interveiw the author had on the 'Russell Brand Show' (shown nationally on the Fx Channel in October of 2012) so we can post it on the internet.



Night Lights Staff and Sponsors
(Updated Oct. 19, 2015)  As of April 2010, Night Lights is funded by James L. Lambert, author along with some very special local donors - 

James is a published author, & provides commentary for 
 a conservative news wire service. He also provides commentary for , and . Lambert artilces have appeared on over 300 web sites on the Internet including , , and

Older shows that are periodically re-broadcasted and were taped prior to December 2006, were co- sponsored 
by James L. Lambert Loans, Inc. and Bob McClellan, the former owner of McClellan Buick, Ponitact, GMC in Lemon Grove, CA. [contact number for Bob: 619-520-1674] )


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