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(Updated May 10, 2024)  James L. ('Lee') Lambert has a broad business background. As a graduate of Linfield College (McMinnville, Oregon) and a recipient of an MBA degree from National University (San Diego), James has served in a variety of management positions for Crocker National Bank, San Diego Trust & Savings Bank and First Interstate Bank from 1973 to 1995. After serving as a loan sales agent for several firms from 1997 to 1999, Lambert opened his own lending company (James L. Lambert Loans, Inc.) in 2000.

In 1998, he released his first book: 'Porn In America' for Huntington House Publishers. With that release Lambert appeared on the O'Reilly Factor (twice), the 700 Club (Family Channel), FNC's 'Morning News', BBC television, Dish Network news, 100 Huntley Street (Canada), ABC, NBC & CBS news, Hardcopy (Paramount TV production), the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Focus on the Family News and the American Family Radio network.
By the end of 2009 Lambert officially closed his loan business and corporation. In May 2016, Lambert's new book (orginally released in 2012) 16 Amazing Stories of Divine Intervention (Xulon Press) was released in it's second edition. ( ). Go to this website and do a search for the book to order it. Since that time the author has traveled around the country sharing some of the inspiring stories in his book in various venues. He also spreads the gospel at colleges around the country. (See past & present schedule on this website).
In the last 10 years. the author has appeared nationally on the Fx channel (Russell Brand Show), the CTN network (through the Dish & Direct TV satelite TV systems), BTV (Arizona), the TCT network on satelite & cable systems,the Son Broadcasting Network (New Mexico) twice, the USA Radio network (343 radio stations) and on the American Family Radio (4 times) ( network's 190+ stations around the country. Other appearances have included the Son Broadcasting Network (4 times), the TCT television stations in Michigan, IL., the Watchman network in South Carolina, Cornerstone TV (in PA., & NYC) twice, CTN television (Georgia & Florida) and the CTS television network (shown throughout Canada) as well as numerous local radio station interviews. A listing of the authors' activity during the last 12+ months are available on this site. 
FLASH - When Lambert's book  entitled, "16 Amazing
Stories of Divine Intervention
" was released, the publisher
Xulon Press has made available the book so you can order it.
When you pull up the website ( ) you'll do
a search for the book in the publisher's 'book store'. You'll also
be able to read general information about the book including the
table of contents, a full download of the book's preface and some
of the media reports on the book. The author's email address is

Currently Lambert's publisher (Xulon Press) has released his new book
(More Amazing Stories of Divine Inspiration) on December 20, 2022). Some
of the people in his new book may surprise you. For more on this new book
go to the section on this website entitled: 'New Book' ... It will tell you how 
you can get the book mailed to you. You'll enjoy the read.
To view some of the author's television appearances you can go
to and view them under the title James Lambert & 
Night Lights TV. Additionally Lambert has a local weekly TV 
show that is aired every Friday night at 8:30pm on Cox cable's
communiy access TV (channel 23) in San Diego county.

His most recent book can also be found on and the
Xulon Press website as well as the website or
getting it directly from the author. Go to the 'New Book' section of this
website to get a signed copy of the book directly from the author. You
can also email James at: