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            Pot Legalization: bad for California and Bad 
          for the rest of the nation
-         Sadly, SI & Forbes mags indirectly promote pot 
          legalization with recent articles 

-         Gordon & Smith Surfboards founder, Larry Gordon,
         a follower of Christ, will be missed
-        Steve McQueen's Great Escape  
-        Obama's claim of being a Christian lacks credibility
-       Barrack Hussein Obama has no interest in upholding the
       laws he does not like 
 -       From Santana to Hosanna
-      Jack Lord (star of original Hawaii Five-0 series) is still
       remembered in the 50th state
-      Obama gives divisive speech at Selma anniversay 
-      Christian Music legend Andrae Crouche dies
-      History Channel glamorizes Playboy, Hugh Hefner 
-      Congress should consider impreaching  
-     Taxpayer funded purchases of recreational pot must be stopped
-     San Diego Christians alert public of Christian Holocaust
-      Mickey Mantle's Miraculous Journey
-      Encouragement to Holy Land visitors: Live out your faith
-      Former 17 year marijuana addict urges other
      states to say no to recreational pot 
-      Former inmate: Ministers won't talk about the 
      realities of Hell !
-     Steve McQueen's inspiring story of conversion to
      Christ - the actor is now on TV each weekend on
-      America's Youth needs to hear the gospel message                                                      
-     A Sad Day At My Alma Mater                                                                                         
-      Mr. President - Just who really are the extremists? 
-      My life changing college experience & a school janitor who 
      helped change my life 
-     Steve McQueen's amazing story: regarding his late in
      life commitment to Christ 
-     Southern Hospitality is Alive & Well
-      Founders of country make compelling case for Christ
-      Remembering Pat Summerall 
-      Bureaucratic endorsement of Pot Tourism- 
-      NAACP (N.C.) labels Billy Graham Ministry as
       "hypocritical and morally bankrupt"
-      "Former witch now spreads the good news of Christ" 
-    "Former 17 year marijuana addict urges Colorado, Oregon &
      Washington voters to say NO to recreational pot" 
-    Obama sidesteps his dismal economic record 
-    "Bigotry against Christians detailed in Dr. Cass' book"
-     Rock Star from '60s group Love has dramatic encounter  with God                                                                                     

 -    Democrat's environmental agenda hurts Americans at the pump 

-    On 70th anniversary, America remembers the heroes
      of Pearl Harbor"

-   "Players recall stunning upset victory"     

-   "Promises of 'transparency' ignored in quest to find Obama's birth place" 
-   "Remembering D-day"  

"Barring Jesus Dancers"

- "Slain Marine's parents appeal to Bush to  save  cross"

- "Cross Battle goes to Washington"

- "Bank of America considers sexual orientation" 

- "TV porn alert: "Girls Next Door"



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